SEO Is A Double Edged Sword

You know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful sword that can beat down your competition like weeds, but are you working every possible angle with your current SEO strategy? There is a lot to learn in the world of SEO and most small business owners are only using a very small portion of the knowledge that is out there to be found.

As Dave Green from leading SEO agency, Azzurro Blu explains, you don’t want to be one of those small business owners! You want to be one of the few who discover every aspect of the art so you rise to the top rather than sinking in mediocrity with the rest of them.

Search engine optimization is a two-edged sword. If you aren’t flexing both edges you aren’t getting the best results possible from your SEO strategy.

Edge #1: Onsite SEO

This is where most people start with SEO, and unfortunately it is where many small businesses end. Onsite search engine optimization involves lacing your entire website with well chosen keywords in an effort to be ranked