The Orchestra Control Engine has been developed by our company in collaboration with some of the leading  international experts in the field of robotics and production systems. It was also developed with assistance from the Italian National Research Council.

We are a company that develops mechatronic components and solutions; we are specialized in the measurement, control and design technologies for robotics and production system.

About Orchestra

Orchestra is a product developed from the knowledge of problems which remained un-resolved in the  industrial sector . Our strong roots in technology and ICT enabled us to overcome the limits of the traditional control techniques and methodologies and to improve the checked systems performances.

The continuous exchange between the industrial experience and research have made Orchestra Control Engine a reliable tool, capable of changing the point of view on the industrial controls, allowing whoever owns a strong know-how to entirely transfer it, and in a very simple and fast way, to the robotic applications.

For the first time it has been possible to coordinate indeed in a really immediate way solutions developed in industrial and academic world: Orchestra Control Engine has actually been conceived to favour a constant synergy among researchers and planners, that could bring innovative contributions making it nearer and nearer to their specific demands.