Don’t Forget The Human Factor in Advertising

It never fails to amaze me when people think that the best website, or best advertisement is going to make all the differences in their businesses.  They believe that all the new toys, or ideas are going to make up for failing to treat others like you are human as well.

There is no substitute for a human connection in any advertising world.

Those that are being ignored will find their needs met elsewhere.

Example:A 8 year old boy wrote a letter to Boeing detailing a drawing of a plane he wanted them to make.  The return letter asked him to stop using the trade mark logo in his drawings.

Now it is very easy for large corporations to overlook the individuals around them as Boeing for example does not sell to many individuals, nor do they rely on any for their business to keep open.

But as you can imagine the company got a firestorm of press from this sort of treatment to others.

Example:In the year 2000 Metallica sued 30,000 fans for illegally downloading their music on Napster.  Do you think that sparked a lot of new fans?

Another Example:On June 19th 2013 the Food Network has failed to renew the contract for Paula Dean for a racial slur that was said in her LONG ago past.  Here are some of the responses they got: ”just unliked your page and hope everyone else does the same!!!!!!!!!!!″

”You all just made a huge mistake!!! She is the only reason I have cable!”

”add me to the many who will no longer support your magazine or shows. People make mistakes because we’re human. She apologized. When did we all become so perfect and judgmental? Please reconsider – Paula is AWESOME – she’s an evolving creative lady and has made your company a LOT of $$$ – this is not how you repay her.”

”Shame on you for dropping Paula Dsan.”

”what a bunch of JERKS you all are for firing Paula Deen for something she said years ago!!! No more Food Network for me, I push for a Boycott of your network!!!!!!!”

”Bob Tuschman is the CEO – Spinleess”

” Yet Robert Irvine is still on, forgave him but not Paula ??”

The Human Factor is important in all business.  Please remember it is never too late to make a good impression, whether it is your first one or last.

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