How playing music in store can increase business

In the corporate world, a little goes a long way. Small changes in your business, for better or worse, are noticed by your clients. Your company strategy influences user behaviour and influences how people shop, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Instore radio is an example of a simple alteration that has a significant impact. Hundreds of our customers have told us how adding music to their websites impacted their customers’ behaviour and increased their sales. Something seemingly insignificant has a significant impact on their business.

Here are 3 ways music may help your business and why in-store radio should be your primary sound source.

Increase the number of sales and the average ticket price.

Music in general has the ability to boost your average sales. According to one HUI Research research, playing a professionally crafted soundtrack of music can boost sales by as much as 9% in some circumstances. Customers respond to music that is properly picked and aligned with your brand, atmosphere, and ultimate vision. They have a more positive attitude and act with their money.

Curation, it turns out, is an important part of the music-making process. Companies that played random pop music saw a four percent drop in sales compared to those who selected silence.

Customers interpret random music (such as turning on the radio to a popular station) as noise, causing them to flee to a location free of sound pollution. Curated music, on the other hand, is consistent with your brand. It’s equally as important as the items you sell or the people you recruit when it comes to the customer experience. This creates a welcoming environment for customers.

Curate your music to match your brand if you want more clients to buy from you and spend more money.


Influence Customer Attitudes

Your environment has an impact on more than just customer purchasing decisions. Music has an impact on customers and how they connect with your brand. When the aroma of cocoa wafted through a bookstore, sales soared by 40 percent. Customers also looked at more books and were more likely to ask queries of personnel.

Many bookstores now incorporate cafés to provide a nice environment for consumers, which is why the smell of lattes and pastries greets you in most of them.

It’s the same with in-store radio. With sound choices, you can entice clients to linger, ask questions, and investigate other products.

It’s critical to treat your music selections as seriously as the rest of your branding, or you risk losing out on opportunities to increase consumer loyalty and revenue.


Reduce the time it takes for people to feel like they’re waiting.

Another advantage of using in-store radio is that people perceive their wait times to be shorter when they listen to music. We’ve looked at how time appears to slow down or speed up in different situations, and how music can aid in this process. According to one study, the music you play influences how long your customers are ready to wait.

Customers waited longer at businesses that played quick, lively music. Companies who played sluggish music, on the other hand, had more impatient consumers than those who played no music at all.

If you want your customers to wait patiently until you can assist them, play upbeat, fast-paced music to give them the impression that they haven’t been waiting as long as they have.

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